The prices of all products are mentioned on our website. Our company has right to change the prices of products according to given circumstances.No product would be sold at a price higher than mentioned to our customers. We strive to keep our site and products updated to provide convenience to our customers.
Products are available for sale only through our website.
All orders are processed after the payment is made. So, whenever customers place an order they are required to make payment first in order to complete the process. We accept payment either through credit cards or debit cards. An order of customers is accepted and processed only after full payment from our customers is made.
According to our company policy, the age limit starts from 18 years. A minor is not entitled to make an order, the age must be 18 years so we can process his order conveniently.
Once the required process is completed, the orders are delivered during the working days from Monday-Friday and we try to deliver the products as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience to our customers.
However, the possible delivery time is 3-5 working days but it may vary depending on the supplier and the types of products that are being delivered to the customer.
We also offer a return and refund facility to our valued customers. customers can change it or can return it within 14 days of delivery. Our customers can also claim for return and refund if they have received damaged products.
CONTACT: +44 7897 047478

If a customer wants to cancel an order, he can do so within 24 hours of placement by simply contacting us on 0207 097 9337. If we have not processed the order and the order is not sent for delivery then we will issue a complete refund after the cancellation of your order. However, if an order has been sent for delivery then a refund will be issued to the customer within 14 days of the cancellation request.
Our customers can get all the refunds and returns by simply following our refund and return policy
The sole responsibility to update all the official prices and products is of our company. Our company is very confident of its staff and technology but in case of any mistake or mismanagement on behalf of or company we will try to solve it as soon as possible or we will cancel the order and will refund you at anytime
Your legal rights would not be affected at any cost because of the above-mentioned terms and conditions.
Or terms and conditions are in accordance with English law. And in case of disputes, cases will be held within English courts

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