Waterproof Heavy Duty White Tarpaulin 110gsm


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Waterproof Heavy Duty White Tarpaulin 110gsm

The waterproof white tarpaulin with heavy use (110 g / m²) is a further development of our 80 g / m² baseline with a narrower weave of 10 x 10 and additional rivets. These covers are lightweight and easy to use and offer great value for money and are perfect for multiple uses, from temporary cover solutions to applications such as hay tarpaulins, floor slabs, construction site covers, market stall covers and garden tarpaulins. They are also effective in situations where light penetration is required.


  • Waterproof,110 gsm
  • 10 x 10 weave
  • HDPE weave with 5 LDPE lamination.
  • Red and shrink-proof and UV-protected
  • Easy to use
  • Aluminium eyelets per meter with additional corner patches
  • Rope-reinforced hems

Colors available: white or blue

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