Water Resistant Grey 17OZ Canvas Tarpaulin


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Water Resistant Grey 17OZ Canvas Tarpaulin

Water Resistant Grey 17OZ Canvas Tarpaulin are mixed with a polyester yarn which confines tears and stops them running. At 15oz before treatment, our Ripstop Canvas is a 17oz once sealed. These coverings are imported from India.

Ripstop Canvas coverings are produced from a heavyweight material which has been synthetically treated, guaranteeing that they are simpler and lighter to deal with than conventional wax-prepared material canvases. 12mm metal plated eyelets sit at 2ft stretches in twofold sewed fixes. Reinforcing tabs are situated at every eyelet, to guarantee a firm fixing point.

Kindly remember that a negligible measure of shrinkage can happen where material coverings are liable to differing temperatures. These vigorous material canvases are synthetically treated to make them water-safe.


  • Metal plated eyelets at 2ft spans in sewed fixes
  • Water safe heavy weight material
  • Artificially treated and subsequently lighter to deal with than wax-handled canvases
  • Twofold sewed trims and creases – all sewing is ‘twofold lock’ so the string will not run
  • Manufactured from cotton material mixed with polyester yarns, coming about in ripstop properties
  • Untreated 15oz/17oz material when treated

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