PVC Tarpaulin 560gsm Waterproof Heavy Grade


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PVC Tarpaulin 560gsm Waterproof Heavy Grade

Our Waterproof Heavy Grade PVC Tarpaulin 560gsm is as of now the heaviest particular plastic canvas we supply at 560gsm. Produced using PVC covered polyester, these solid canvases are adaptable in freezing conditions, decay evidence and incredibly hard-wearing.

Huge 20mm metal eyelets are separated at 50cm stretches in rope strengthened fixes, and thick 3 bolt corner fortifications are on every one of the 4 corners. Reasonable for some applications from a heavyweight groundsheet to a feed stack cover, the PVC scope of canvases are accessible in olive green in 8 pre-created sizes.


  • Waterproof, 560 gsm
  • 20mm eyelets at 50cm spans
  • PVC Reinforced Hems
  • Accessible in 8 Sizes
  • Shrinkproof and Rotproof


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