Heavy Duty 70gsm Blue Multipurpose Debris Netting


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Heavy Duty 70gsm Blue Multipurpose Debris Netting

Garbage Netting is produced using UV settled polyethylene monofilaments which makes an open cross section netting. Fundamentally utilized on platform frameworks to keep any waste or trash contained on a structure site, it improves site wellbeing by decreasing the danger of articles falling external the working region. By helping the control of trash, a more secure climate is stood to the two specialists and the overall population.

Trash Netting can be utilized to make a boundary or segment locales during sports or sporting occasions. It is additionally very well known and broadly utilized as an overall nursery netting, in portions and homesteads to put over plants, harvests or vegetation to help secure produce.


  • Our center reach is made to 70gsm, and is manufactured with a sewed banding of eyelets through the edges and focus, to help with fixing.
  • Center reach made to 70gsm (grams per square meter)
  • Sewn eyeholes along the two edges and through the middle
  • Cross section size : approx 2mm
  • Thickness : half
  • Extremely mainstream garden netting

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