Heavy Duty 18oz Tarpaulin Roll Waterproof Canvas 


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Heavy Duty 18oz Tarpaulin Roll Waterproof Canvas

A customary style 100% cotton material covering produced using single filled cotton duck, accessible in a move of 6ft x 80ft/1.8m x 24m.

This waterproof material canvas is imported from India, where the material has been wax handled to make it water safe. Our Canvas moves of covering are sold without eyelets, fixes or creases, as are well known with canvas creators. The heaviness of the sealed material is 18oz.

Created from a characteristic texture, Canvas is breathable; anyway if it’s not too much trouble, remember that a negligible measure of shrinkage can happen where material is liable to shifting temperatures. Our powerful material coverings are wax-sealed to make them water-safe. They will require re-treating after openness to water, to keep up their safe properties.


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6ft x 80ft


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