Grey Heavy Duty 12OZ Canvas Poly Cotton Tarpaulin


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Grey Heavy Duty 12OZ Canvas Poly Cotton Tarpaulin

Propositions Tarpaulins are a Heavy Duty scope of Poly Cotton Canvas coverings. These universally handy covers are manufactured from a 65/35 mix of cotton and polyester, offering better strength and water repellency over customary cotton material coverings.

Our Poly Cotton Canvas coverings have been treated for climate safe security, and are breathable.

These canvases are imported from India, and have exchanging eyelets and circles each 8 inches (20cm). The heaviness of the treated material is 12oz, or approx 390gsm. These water repellent covers profit by better waterproof characteristics over our customary cotton material, in addition to predominant sheet strength in spite of their lighter weight.

Created from a characteristic texture, these solid coverings are breathable; anyway if it’s not too much trouble, remember that an insignificant measure of shrinkage can happen where material canvases are liable to differing temperatures.

  •  A more eco-accommodating option in contrast to PE coverings
  • Water safe poly/cotton material
  • 12oz material, accessible in dim (7ft x 11ft in naval force)
  •  Substituting eyelets and circles at 8 inch stretches on each of the 4 sides
  • Lighter load than customary cotton material yet with predominant strength


These canvases are wax-sealed and have been colored, thus there can be a danger of shading transaction upon application – kindly take alert. We don’t suggest that these canvases are suspended exclusively by the eyelets if utilizing as an open air shade. It is energetically prescribed to utilize an edge line, or a couple edge lines on bigger sizes, made of rope or bungee which will help uphold the heaviness of the canvas. This will likewise assist with a run-off of water as water can pool if canvases are suspended exclusively by the eyelets, adding additional pressing factor and weight. Use as large numbers of the eyelets gave and introduce extra eyelets whenever required, particularly if there are emphasize focuses.


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