Fiber Glass Fireproof Green Tarpaulin Lightweight


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 Fiber Glass Fireproof Green Tarpaulin Lightweight

Safety measures:

Tip: The covering is additionally appropriate as a tent material to construct a bivouac and hence settle on an unconstrained choice to remain for the time being in a woodland or other arbitrary spot. The poly rope sewn around the fix spreads the pliable powers uniformly and you are very much shielded from downpour under the canvas.


These canvases are wax-sealed and have been colored, thus there can be a danger of shading transaction upon application – if it’s not too much trouble, take alert. We don’t suggest that these coverings are suspended exclusively by the eyelets if utilizing as an open air overhang. It is enthusiastically prescribed to utilize an edge line, or a couple edge lines on bigger sizes, made of rope or bungee which will help uphold the heaviness of the canvas. This will likewise assist with a run-off of water as water can pool if coverings are suspended simply by the eyelets, adding additional pressing factor and weight. Use as large numbers of the eyelets gave and introduce extra eyelets whenever required, particularly if there are emphasize focuses.


  • Fire execution: 100%
  • Waterproof covered fabric
  • Material: 100% polyester material (high temperature, cold and sturdy)
  • Capacity: twofold sided waterproof sunscreen hostile to maturing, wear-safe, warm protection
  • Safeguards: Avoid sharp scratches, water that isn’t not difficult to use for quite a while, can enormously expand the help life
  • Scraped area opposition: >5000 times
  • Breaking strength: radial:>1300N, latitude:>1200N
  • Thickness: 0.45MM
  • Weight: 500 \㎡
  • Opening dispersing: 100 cm
  • Waterproof execution: 100%

Highlights: waterproof, shape, cool, hostile to maturing, against static, hostile to tearing, low temperature solidifying, delicate and light, and so on, pertinent to a wide range of structures, trucks, organizations, seaports, etc.






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