Extra Heavy Duty 100gsm Grey Multipurpose Garden Netting


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Extra Heavy Duty 100gsm Grey Multipurpose Garden Netting

Trash Netting is produced using UV settled polyethylene monofilaments which makes an open cross section netting. Essentially utilized on frameworks to keep any junk , rubbish or debris contained on a structure site, it improves site wellbeing by diminishing the danger of items falling external the working region. By helping the regulation of garbage, a more secure climate is stood to the two specialists and the overall population.

Provided as a solitary move, with a nearer weave and thicker monofilament yarn than the lighter 70gsm evaluation. Not reasonable for use as a wellbeing net, but rather appropriate to rock solid applications for more prominent true serenity where control is required, and site security is fundamental.


  • Size: 2m x 50m
  • Shading: Pale Gray
  • Spec: 100gsm
  • Approx Weight : 10kgs
  • Inclusion : 100 Square Meters


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2m x 50m


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