Canvas Cotton Duck Tarpaulin


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Canvas Cotton Duck Tarpaulin

This immaculate Drop Cloth canvas is very suit for Creative DIY individuals who is motivated to imaginative manifestations!

On the off chance that you are a house-spouse, you going to utilize it for dust hindrance when you plan a house-keeping movement or you can likewise to utilize it for sewing/dress/knitting some way or another, simply follow your idear discloses to you how.

In the event that you are craftsmanship fan, this drop fabric can be the best base blind for your Painting/Graphic/Dying/Drawing, simply do what your talk manage you how.


  • This cotton material drop fabric is launderable and reusable.
  •  Absolutely clear , uninhibitedly manifestations for Great!
  •  Oderless, no destructive no concerns. Solid Canvas fabric(65% Cotton+35% Polester).
  •  Multi-Purpose: wraps blind, cushion covers, rugs, tablecloth, photography or shield covers thus significantly more home improvement projects than your envision.


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5ft x 9ft


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