610gsm PVC Top Green Tarpaulin With 14oz Jute Bottom 


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610gsm PVC Top Green Tarpaulin With 14oz Jute Bottom

Our hard core Waterproof Heavy Grade PVC Tarpaulin 610gsm is presently the heaviest determination plastic covering we supply at 610gsm. Appropriate for some applications from a heavy weight groundsheet to a roughage stack cover.

The economy protected canvas 610gsm is the least expensive covering, it has the thinest filling to keep things covered protected.


  • Comes total with Eyelets and Ropes.
  • 610gsm PVC Top
  •  14oz Jute Bottom
  •  Lightweight infill

The economy protected 610gsm canvas is generally utilized in the development business to keep loads hot or cold during transportation.

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12ft x 9ft x 14kg, 14ft x 9ft x 21kg, 15ft x 12ft x 22kg, 18ft x 12ft x 27kg


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