Waterproof And UV Protected Clear Mono Cover Tarpaulin With Nylon Mesh


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Waterproof And UV Protected Clear Mono Cover Tarpaulin With Nylon Mesh

The 170gsm Waterproof And UV Protected Clear Mono Cover Tarpaulin  is a seriously evaluated, mid-grade sheet which is reasonable for use where a more tough cover is required. It is developed with a multifilament framework which is then overlaid in LD polyethylene.

At present accessible in seven sizes and two tones (Green or Clear); the Mono Cover Tarpaulin is broadly utilized for covering roughage, boat covers, material, development and cultivation. The Clear Mono Cover is ideal for applications where you may have to work under the sheet, as it permits approx 70% light transmission. Additionally incredibly mainstream as a cover over hare boxes and chicken coops.

12mm aluminum eyelets are pre-fitted at meter stretches, for fixing.


  • Waterproof
  • 3 x 3 Multifilament Grid
  • 170 gsm
  • Rotproof, Shrinkproof and UV Protected
  • Aluminium eyelets at 1 meter stretches on each of the four sides
  • Plastic Corner Reinforcements

Colours Available: Green or Clear


The entirety of our coverings are dependent upon a multi month maker guarantee, and are for brief utilize as it were. In spite of the fact that heavier evaluation coverings will last more than economy grade, steady openness to cruel or solid climate conditions will debase the canvas rapidly. The canvas eyelets are not covered under the assembling guarantee because of the huge pressure that will be set on them during use. Kindly guarantee you fix your canvas safely and you fortify emphasize focuses. Sharp items, corners, or erosion will diminish the life expectancy of your canvas. Kindly note we don’t suggest the utilization of these canvases as material, brief or something else. Use as such will invalidate any guarantee on this thing.


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