Super Heavy Tarpaulins are superior performance where strength and durability are necessary for applications such as construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. These are available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes including custom options to match the customer’s needs. Super Heavy Tarps are water-resistant, oil, grease, and UV protective. Being heavyweight, they can still be easily handed with reinforced hems and grommets spaced equally around the perimeter to allow the safe toe downs of tarpaulins. 560gsm Super Heavy Weight Tarpaulins is available in different color and sizes. Metal eyelets are spaced every meter in rope-reinforced hems. They can cope with heavy loads and flexibility. Our goal is to content your requirement and to provide you high-quality products. These tarps are highly used in commercial areas as they contain heavy weight but still are reliable and durable. 250gsm Black Super Heavy Tarps, 610gsm Super Heavy Tarps are available in different sizes and colors. We can customize them according to the customer’s requirements.

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