Medium Weight Tarpaulins are usually lightweight, easy to carry and have long durability. Medium Weight tarps are available in multiple colors and sizes. Medium Weight 140gsm Blue Tarpaulin, 110gsm White Medium Weight Tarpaulin provides the same function as rustproof, UV protection, waterproof, and also protect goods from dust. Medium Weight tarps can also be ideal for residential applications as they do not contain much weight. Moreover, they are easily washable. Medium Weight Tarps are equipped with reinforced hems which also increase their durability. All the edges are stitched with double material. Medium Weight Tarps are perfect for outdoor, garden, Landscaping, and camping use. Medium Weight 170gsm Green Tarpaulin is extremely versatile for use in a multitude of applications. These Green Covers are popular in nurseries use to keep the plants safe. These tarps protect all the outsource stuff that might be the reason for damaging your goods. We make sure to deliver the best quality product that always makes our customers happy and satisfied.

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