The Market Stall Tarpaulins are made of polyesters which are additionally covered with polyurethane. Various kinds of Tarpaulins are used, depends on the place of usage. Market Stall Tarpaulins cover the stalls and secure them against rain, heat, UV rays, wind, and dust. We have various sorts of market Stall Tarpaulins in all sizes, shadings, and shapes too. Some of these tarpaulins are 170gsm Blue and White Tarpaulin Market Stall Tarpaulins and 170gsm Green and White Market Stall Tarpaulins. They are best for market use as they cover items and four eyelets present on each side give greater adaptability and hold during a hangover. Our website covers an entire range of market Stall Tarpaulins, mostly used as side covers for stalls. All our Tarpaulins come up with a warranty of 6 months, but there is no warranty for grommets.

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