Clear Tarpaulins are used in agriculture, outdoor canopy. Our Clear Tarps are waterproof and consist of different types of polyester mesh squares that add strength to the fabric. Clear tarpaulins would be great as a temporary outdoor shelter for plants, flowers, and vegetable gardens. They are best to withstand bad weather conditions. They will protect flowers from the outside elements and still allow the sun to penetrate for optimal growth. The clear tarpaulins are made of Polyethylene and are naturally resistant to mold, rot, and mildew. Furthermore, 170gsm Polytunnel Clear Tarpaulins can be used where the visibility of the area is important. They can also provide weather protection on the scaffold system. This sheet is waterproof and UV stabilized. The scaffold sheet allows approximately 70% light transmission. Mono cover 170gsm tarpaulin is the strongest and durable sheet. These tarps are widely used in boatyards, kneels, and houses. They are resistant and flexible in almost any condition. 310gsm Clear Tarpaulins are used as side curtains on market, stalls. They do not block out the light which means it can also be used in gardens. Moreover, they are particularly famous for the animal enclosures such as rabbit hutches, chicken coops, etc. Our clear sheets are good and durable enough for longer use.

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