Canvas Tarpaulins are high-quality tarps and cover warehousing, manufacturing, painting, trucking, landscaping, construction, and farming needs. They are environmentally friendly, breathable, and reliable. They can also be used to keep and protect plant species. You can count on our Canvas tarps to stay in place in bad weather conditions. The excellent versatility of our canvas tarps allows customers to use these covers for outdoor applications. Our Canvas tarps are available in an assortment of sizes, colors, and weights. Grey 12OZ Canvas Tarpaulins are constructed from pure polyester and canvas material. These water-proof and Heavy Weight Tarpaulins are ideal for protecting delicate pieces, protecting recently painted walls, and keeps cords of wood dry from sudden downpours. It can also be placed on the carpets while repainting a ceiling. Green 14Oz Canvas Tarpaulins are breathable, durable, and earth-friendly. Double lock-stitched and double-folded seams and hems are sewn with industrial polyester thread. Our canvas tarps possess all the features and qualities you need. Canvas often has a longer lifespan, and because it is not plastic, canvas tarps are more environmentally friendly than poly tarps. Moreover, each waterproof tarp provides strong protection against heavy rainfall. A water-resistance tarp ensures that your outdoor products remain dry and safe. These tarps are beneficial for numerous purposes and available in multiple sizes. If you are still confused about selecting the right product as per your need, we are here to help you out.

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